short : Version 3.42.P30 Citadel BBS(68030) author : (Anthony Preston) uploader : apreston isd csc com (Anthony Preston) type : comm/bbs architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 171.16K Date : 25-Oct-94 Download : 💾
Citadel is freeware, the source and the BBS program are free to anyone. Citadel is a full featured BBS program, supports networking, file up/down loading, and many things not found in any other BBS program. Citadel is available for all major platforms. Note: You also need the files included in the 68000 version if you have not updated to a version later than .P25. This file contains the executable files for the 68030 version only. See the UPDATE.342 and READ.342 files in the archive.
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