short : The Voyeur replacement for Zeus BBS author : Aho uploader : Aho type : comm/bbs replaces : comm/bbs/ChatVoyeur1.01.lha architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 17.77K Date : 13-Aug-96 Download : 💾
ChatVoyeur v1.02 - User actions shower, message sender for Zeus --------------------------------------------------------------- WHAT IT DOES ~~~~~~~~~~~~ The same as Voyeur (not iconify nor popup) and SendToLine plus that ChatVoyeur can start/exit the chat-program and send and show files while in chat mode. WHY IT'S GREAT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You can configurate all the colors and have text files shown before and after a chat. It can be used as a sysop pager and save a 40 character long message to the sysop from the pager. It 'remembers' up to 128 requests for 32767 lines (the lines 0 to 127 has each one request line while the rest shares the last line). When you want to send a message to a user, you can choose if it should be shown at once or if it should be hold untill the user isn't doing anything serius. The message can be more than one row long. To get some more information look at HISTORY ~~~~~~~ 1.01: New features - send message, show textfile, send file, start usereditor, hangup user (kick). 1.02: Major bug fix - Had a to small array. FILES IN THIS ARCHIVE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Name Size Short Desc. ChatVoyeur1.02.readme 1589 This File 7106 Short doc about all functions File_id.diz 354 Short description ChatVoyeur 36748 The software 1154 An example chat requester
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