short : Connectline 5.0 Devkit (C, E, Oberon, BB2) author : (Mathias Mischler), uploader : merlin sixpack pfalz de (Mathias Mischler) type : comm/bbs architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 168.17K Date : 27-Feb-96 Download : 💾
Connectline 5.0 Developer Kit ============================= Connectline is written in SAS/C. All original includes and structures can be found in directory "C". There is also a link library "cl.lib" for SAS/C (and maybe some other compilers) which should be placed in your directory "lib:", it opens all connectline libraries for you and has some additional routines. For more information see documentation. Some external programmers have written modules for other language support. Thanks must go to Matthias Grundler for Amiga E support, Michael Schulz for Blitz Basic 2 support, Frank Schummertz for Oberon support, and finally Ralf Ramge for Rexx Support (see own pagage). Directories: BlitzBasic2 (dir) - Blitz Basic Libraries Docs (dir) - Documentation (for the rest we're working on). Look at the includes for more information FD (dir) - FD's to convert to any other programming language. Oberon (dir) - Oberon Modules E (dir) - Amiga E Modules and Examples Modules (dir) Examples (dir) C (dir) - C Includes, Examples for SAS/C and Link Lib. Examples (dir) lib (dir) Include (dir) Most questions will be answered in our support network in the message board /CLC/DEVELOPER.,
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