short : Connectline 5.0 Demo Version (German only, yet) author : (Mathias Mischler), (Oliver Wagner) uploader : merlin sixpack pfalz de (Mathias Mischler) type : comm/bbs architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 884.93K Date : 27-Feb-96 Download : 💾
Sorry, but the current version is only in german. ---- 8< ---- CONNECTLINE 5.0 Demoversion =========================== The "root" Password ist "cl". You should change it anyway, before going on net. Demo Restriction: o You can test Connectline for two month. o There is a nerve requester every time program is started. o Number of user is limited to 10. Requirements: o Amiga Computer ;) with Kick 2.x/3.x. o Memory 4 MB. o Programs: MUI2.x or MUI3.x. (AmiTCP if you want to use Connectline Internet Package) Some Features: o Multinet (rfc, Janus/ZConnect, Fido) o Multiport (8 free configurable ports + 1 sysop port) o Interactive and intuitive usage. o Cronsystem for events. o Internet (telnet login via IP, (C)Slip login for user) o Routesystem for domainserver. o MUI Offline surface for sysop. o Amiga System konform. o Language system for online commands. o Any AmigaOS commands work as CL online commands. o Big ARexx port. o Chatsystem (with Internet link to other sites) o Protocols Hydra/ZModem build-in. o ...
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