short : MAX's BBS doors, utils + API's (+source) author : Ari Tsironis uploader : Anonymous type : comm/bbs architecture : m68k-amigaos >= 1.3.0 Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 698.13K Date : 13-Dec-06 Download : 💾
10-Oct-95 LOTS'A' MAXs' DOORS, written by Ari Tsironis, between 01-Jan-93 and 30-Dec-94 DISCLAIMER: THIS SOFTWARE IS PUBLIC DOMAIN, DISTRIBUTE IT, USE IT, CRASH IT, BURN IT, EAT IT, (MMMMMM HOG FAT), ETC. I ACCEPT NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY HARM, INJURY, OR DAMAGE, TO ANYBODY OR ANYTHING, WHETHER DIRECT, INDIRECT, OR INCIDENTAL. SYNOPSIS: EVERYTHING I've ever written for MAXs, using SAS C 5.1/6.1/6.3 and DEVPAC 2.4 ARCHIVE CONTENTS: Stacks 'n' stacks 'o' stuff ranging from the positively brill' to the excruciatingly useless. Each directory contains one or more doors and/or Amiga executables. The source, docs, data files, scripts and whatever else is needed to compile/assemble/produce are also available. * NOTE * There are NO makefiles within any of the directories, as all the doors/utes/exes are at most 1-2 files. Also not having makefiles means you'll probably have _more_ success with other compilers/assemblers. To access specific doors/utes all you need do is simply enter a particular directory, (pick one that sounds good), using your fave directory browser, (or heaven to besty using THE CLI). Read the "ReadeMe.First" file that is contained within each directory, then read whatever other doco's are there and do as you see fit. * NOTE * Some of this software has not only the potential to crash 'n' burn your machine, but also, (in theory at least), the capability to mutilate and mulch you HD's FD's TD's etc, etc. So re-read my disclaimer, before reaching for that shotgun... COMPATIBILITY: All of these doors/utes/exes were produced/tested on a Wb2.04 A3000/040, tested on a stock WB2.04 A500, and tested on a CSA-MMR 030 Wb2.04 A500. MAX's doors were tested with MAXs V1.52, V1.53 and V1.54 That's not to say that they all, nay any, will actually work on your particular machine, OS, MAXs setup. T'is one of the reasons I have provided you with all the source. Any problems you do have, serious or otherwise, may be dealt with by; leaving a _courteous_ message in MAXs addressed to Ari Tsironis. If I find the time and inclination, (and I happen to actually be reading MAXs at the time), then I will do my best to annoy, aggravate, and insult you, using the utmost of my abilities >-] INSTALLATION: Read the individual docs... CONFIGURATION: Read the individual docs... TO DO?: Nothing, nada, zip, zero, zilch...never again, hooray... Maybe, just maybe; visit those boring old SA farts, RQ and BJ ;-] TECHNICAL: Plop, thwuuuung, splat...oh that a doo doo I just deposited in your outbound? PAYMENT: This is true PD, ie no payment/restrictions of any kind, (just don't destroy the planet with this SW), but what would be nice, would be a mere mention of my name in any docs pertaining to any doors/utils that you write/claim using this junk CONTACT: I can be reached nowhere... CREDITS: - Me. - Joel: my 14 month old son, for making me realise that computers are work, not fun. - Michele: my defacto for giving me Joel. - Mark Wesson: for his ideas, beta testing, abuse and neanderthal wit. - Lindsay Vincent: for the late nights, BBQ's, abuse and his even more neanderthal, neanderthal wit. - Randy Quick for his ideas, help, humour and phone calls. - Brian BJ Dibbins for his ideas, beta testing, and interstate help. - Big John: for his fantastically over _inflated_ eagerness to please. P.S. Goodbye...oh cruel, cruel, world... Ari...
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