short : QWK and Blue Wave Offline Mail Reader, OS2.x FREEWARE author : 2:286/414.0 (Foxhunt BBS) (Leon Makkink) uploader : c mcnulty genie com (Charlene McNulty) type : comm/bbs requires : Kickstart 2.04 and 1Mb of memory, a harddisk is not necessary architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 160.62K Date : 28-Apr-96 Download : 💾
but definitely recommended. You also need these libraries to run AmyBW: - reqtools.library version 38+ - diskfont.library version 37+ - EAGUI.library version 1.1+ A text editor (e.g. Ed or CEd) to edit replies and an archiver (e.g. LhA) to unpack the mail packets and to pack your replies are needed too. Optionally you may want to use an IBM font. Version: 2.14 AmyBW - The Blue Wave Offline Mail Reader for the AMIGA! ======================================================== ------------------------ AmyBW v2.14 (30-Nov-95) ------------------------ This is the last and final update version of AmyBW. See the file for more information about the changes made to this version. NOTE: You can no longer reach me by any of the E-Mail addresses mentioned in the documentation. If you really want to contact me try Fido node 2:286/414.0 (Foxhunt BBS). Can't promise any replies though... Bye bye, - Leon - *************************************************************************** AmyBW is a freely distributable program, you do not have to pay anything to use it. AmyBW may be copied and uploaded to wherever you want as long as you do not make any changes to the program or archive. *************************************************************************** AmyBW has been tested on the following systems: A500 rev.5 / KS2.04 / 3Mb A4000/30 KS3.0 /6MB A4000/40 KS3.1 / 10MB Changes after v2.13 ------------------- - "Auto Show Bulletins" and "End of Msg Mark" are no longer reset to their default value at the start. - No invalid area requester after "moving" the 5th reply - Reply work directory is deleted after 'Quit' - Option for fidonet kludges (CTRL-A lines) on/off - Option for text styles moved to menu - Message numbering corrected for QWK packets. - Other download dir selection in 'Open...' window - Spaces in directory names ("Ram Disk") don't couse problems anymore - Error at editing header (same as moving) shouldn't appear anymore - Text style combinations, just took me a sunday afternoon :-( - Carboncopy and Crosspost functions available from the menu. - Menu item "Delete from packet..." has a hotkey (Amiga-D) - bugfix: Clear 'replied' marks erased the 'read' flag (Milco V.) - '/' key now works as escape/cancel while reading messages - The year 2000 wil now be displayed as '00' and not as '100' - Current directory changed during mash/unmash to work directory - New default Archiver settings: --- Lha/Lharc --- --- Other --- Unmash C:Lha e @F C:UnZip @F Mash C:Lha a @F #? C:Zip -k0 @F #? Update C:Lha u @F #? C:Zip -ku @F #? - Maximum tagline length increased from 70 to 75 characters - End of message mark was in the middle of the screen, not in the middle of the window. - The "To:" field of the reply window must at least contain 1 character.
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