short : APTBBS V1.10 - BBS Software author : (Dave McIntosh) uploader : dave aptsoft compulink co uk (Dave McIntosh) type : comm/bbs architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 842.14K Date : 5-May-97 Download : 💾
TITLE APTBBS VERSION 1.10 AUTHOR Andy Grifo and Dave McIntosh @ ApT-Design Email : OR Post : Dave McIntosh 3 Bank Street Whitburn West Lothian EH47 0DU SCOTLAND DESCRIPTION APTBBS V1.10 is a free of charge BBS program. It is hoped that regular users will wish to register their version to show their support. But meantime they can fully access the software to see if it suits their purposes. Some features: -============- -Supports upto 256 Lines. Each lines features can be custom configured. -Supports xpr-protocols for filetransfers. -Programmed in Assembler and 'C' -65535 different file and message bases. -Paragon Door interface. Runs most if not all (We havent tested ALL of the doors available!) of the old but good Paragon/Starnet doors. -CLI Door handler. Custom written DOS Handler that gives you SMOOTH and powerful access to CLI Programs. This is a most impressive way of allowing your users full access to the Amigas power. Its uses are many, for example run Game Doors (Most Infocom Adventures, TIS, KNOT, Hack&Slash etc etc.) or utility programs (Including a FULL shell if you dare!) through the serial device. ApT-BBS! has many inbuilt commands that make the use of CLI programs very easy. -Fully Customizable user chat options. Including several display modes, time/day of the week responses, save chat, send/receive files... etc. -Arexx menus and/or ACdriver menus. You choose which you prefer to support. ACdriver menus are a simple but very powerful structured BBS control method. Alternatively, if you are happier using Arexx, then you can stick to that particular control system exclusively. -Editing Tools. You have access to a fully Intuitionised systems editor. You can edit User/Files/Message/Chat...etc details easily. -Custom Displays. Each BBS line can be run using a custom display file. You choose the options that the Line display should have. (Screen type, window size/position etc.) -QWK Mail Bundler. Uses assembler m/c code to bundle the packets up, but is otherwise driven/controlled through (you guessed!) Arexx. Therefor you can configure the QWK bundler to completely suit YOUR needs! -Supports Fidonet and the 1.MSG type mail format. SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS * Workbench 2.04 or above. * Harddrive * A modem. * Fidonet Mailer. (Trapdoor or Jammail for example.) HOST NAME - and other Aminet FTP sites. DIRECTORY /pub/aminet/comm/bbs/APT1-10.lha PRICE This version FREE. A modest registration fee may be asked for future upgrades and support. Please contact a support site for latest pricing details. DISTRIBUTABILITY This version is freely distributable.
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