short : Amiga Multiuser Mailbox System (AMMS)2.0 author : / uploader : haeuser minnie informatik uni-stuttgart de type : comm/bbs architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 0.99M Date : 28-Oct-95 Download : 💾
Amiga Multiuser Mailbox System (AMMS), Version 2.0 Demo AMMS, a BBS program written and developed in Berlin, Germany, is highly flexible and can be configured and expanded as you like : - Completely written in 680x0 Assembler. Extremely FAST, STABLE and EFFICIENT even on unaccelerated Amigas. - Multiline operation 100% supported! (Modems, ISDN, CB radio links, telnet ports, Sysop consoles etc., all at the same time on one Amiga!) - The system texts are multi-language, can be changed as you like - For programmers there are over 500 AMMS library functions (Complete includes for Assembler plus some for C) - The AMMS Batch language allows the creation of own menus and commands (the included menu is nothing but an AMMS batch file) which can be used and created by the users for themselves, too. - Commands that require higher privileges can be made accessible temporarily for batch commands. - 100% AmigaDOS handler allows complete usage of all the functions of Amiga-DOS. AMMS also has a "Paragon" door handler suitable for most OnlineGames & Doors. - All system batches are changeable... ANYTHING is changeable! - plus much more! ... Communication between ports, multiline-fullscreen- chatter, private OLMs, mail. ZCONNECT, Fido + UUCP (can be obtained upon request), own support network, LOTS of additional tools & utils ! - Program multi-lingual, most of the documentation in German, but the program should be self-explanatory. English support can be given over Internet. - Already in development: AMMS version 3.0 ! Includes domain routing, new commands and a completely rewritten message base system. - You want to have a look at some fully installed German BBSes using AMMS? Check out the BBS adds included in the filebase of this demo version!
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