short : Must-have replacement for TxtExtract! author : uploader : mics rummelplatz uni-mannheim de type : comm/bbs architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 22.21K Date : 2-Feb-96 Download : 💾
- -- --- ----------------------------------------------- --- -- - Textract v1.o by dRm! / 1oo% CNet Anscii Design - -- --- ----------------------------------------------- --- -- - Function: Extracts/adds File_ID.diz from/to Textfiles. Decent replacement for TxtExtract, no trashing of Textfiles when adding Diz! I suppose you know which purpose this program fulfils. I rather want to tell you something about the motivation of writing a replacement for a program which already exists and is used for quite a long time, namely TXTextract by Spy/Mystic/XDesign. This program does its job quite well, until the following occurs: you want to add a changed (or new) File_ID.diz to a textfile which already contains a description. In most of the cases the file gets totally trashed. And as it seems the author of TXTextract will never fix that bug, I wrote this small replacement (in C code), which is 1oo% compatible regarding the supported functions ('a', 'e', and 'f').
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