short : Status Door for AmiExpress. author : (JiM_bEAM) uploader : jim_beam bigfoot de (JiM_bEAM) type : comm/amiex version : 2.1 requires : AmiExpress V4.x architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 72.68K Date : 1-Jun-98 Download : 💾
rEAL-sTATUs v2.1 is a cool Status Door (S-command replacement) for every Sysop who uses AmiExpress V4.x . Many features include: - Download Option: the user can download his Status-Info - TWO different Status-Infos in ONE door: BBS-Status and User-Status - all code written in pure C language - 68000, 68020+ versions - Because of NO BACKDOOR NO RISK Disassemble the code if ya don't believe me !!! NEW Features in V2.0: - completly reorganised - added a main menu - 3 different Status-Infos in ONE door: Complete Status (BBS + User; long output) BBS Status User Status - view option for every status info - download option for every status info - Quit option NEW in V2.1: - fixed a little bug in the "User-status only" design To see all features just install the door and enter "S" in the mainprompt of /X The guide is written in English and i hope you understand it because writing guides in English isn't my thing. If ya have problems, questions, suggestions write a e-mail to me ( .
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