short : Node-Status 1.0. author : (Lizard/MGS!) uploader : jthorsen netpower no (Splash/MGS!) type : comm/amiex architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 20.68K Date : 2-Aug-96 Download : 💾
Node-status v1.0 is a small utility to show which node you're logged onto. It also report the baudrate of the connection and the current status on each of the other available nodes. Node-Status can also be used to display a logo-textfile (with MCI-support) to the users together with the node-status report. The main reason why I coded this door is that most of the doors available lacks a good design, and do not have any textfile support. I also included a Clear-Screen argument for those who wants to get rid of that "modem-report" message from AmiExpress at the top of the screen. The door is also in my opinion more powerful than other doors available. First of all, it has a very nice tool-type support. This is very important when you want a correct node baudrate directly out from each individual node-icon. No incorrect-status from the /X-port is being used for this purpose. Finally, This utility is coded in Amiga-E with inline-ASM for maximal speed-performance!
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