short : Log Shrink 1.o. author : (Lizard/MGS!) uploader : jthorsen netpower no (Splash/MGS!) type : comm/amiex architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 16.77K Date : 2-Aug-96 Download : 💾
. : : __________________.______. ________ : ._(___)_. ___ _| l_____\\_ /____________:_ _ | |----/ \ / \ __/\ __ : l_______| /_______/ |-----/_______\____ : l________|(rLf) /-------:- : : : . Ever discovered that some of the applications you're using just seems to append and append and append to the log-files without erasing the old data? Well, I just noticed that my AmiExpress Callerslog was over 2MB long once, and decided to make a utility that could keep the length of that particular file down to a resonable level without loosing any important data. I then started to code on this little program that can be used on any log-file in text-format generated by any application for the Amiga. My main goal was to make a fast and system-friendly door, which I could trust wouldn't screw up my system totally. This door does that, it reduce the length of any (text-)file to a desired amount of bytes, from within the file till the end of the file. This way you won't lose the last entries in the file, and discard the old entries on the top of the file. Enjoy it! :) - - - --- ------[ lizard of megastyle! ]------ --- - - -
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