short : Auto Reward 1.3. author : (Splash/MGS!) uploader : jthorsen netpower no (Splash/MGS!) type : comm/amiex architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 17.59K Date : 2-Aug-96 Download : 💾
AutoReward is a simple little EXAMINE door that will check which conf a file is uploaded to, and you can configure how many *credz an upload in this conf should be rewarded with. If you for example has an /X conf (like me) and would like to reward all /X uploads with 2*credz, then all you have to do is install this door, configure it, and all rewarding will be automatic ! *New in this version is the possibility to rive extra credits for special group releases such as fexs files starting with MGS!-,ELT- or PGS- You can have a different amount of credits for each group and also a different comment for each group which will be displayed if a file from that group are uploaded. You can also use this door without giving any credits just for using this commenting feature!
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