short : AX-News (XIM Door) Read/Write on USENET author : uploader : zard multimania com type : comm/amiex version : 0.7 architecture : m68k-amigaos distribution : World Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 161.14K Date : 10-May-99 Download : 💾
<------------------------------------------> AX-News v0.7 (c)1996-98 Zard for /X & S!X <------------------------------------------> ! Link YOUR BBS to NEWSGROUPS ! Online NewsGroups Browser Included for reading and writing to the world biggest msgbase. (100% Ansi & Arrows Control) MsgBase and XIM Versions Included! <------------------------------------------> --- AXNews is composed of a XIM Door and Networks Utilities which allow your BBS to get and spread Usenet Articles to InterNet. So you will give access to all your users to the biggest forum. AXNews have capabilities of Online and Offline processing by supporting SOUP Packets and BlueWave Packets. (AXOffLine is not included in this package, if you want it just send me an email) --- This door can be used with any BBS Software supporting XIM Doors, but it only has been fully tested with AmiExpress and S!X. The interface can be controlled using Arrows and is 100% Ansi colors. There is no articles/newsgroups limit. For any installation help you can contact me at:
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