short : Best Comment door around with cursor-control (MST) author : uploader : klr xs4all nl type : comm/amiex architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 53.86K Date : 7-Jul-95 Download : 💾
KiLLER Comment is number 1001 in the row of a [C]omment doors. But this is not just *a* comment door, otherwise I wouldn't have made it. I have some profound reasons. Despite the fact that there must be over a 1000 different [C]omment doors, there is not one comment door that suits my needs. I have seen plenty of them but to me they all look ugly, have static interfaces, are as flexible as a log of wood and generally suck :-). With this mind I've tried to make KiLLER Comment as smart and pretty as I can and I feel I have succeeded. I have never seen a comment door that works as simple as this one with a fair amount of so-called 'intelligence' and comes with a nice GUI. What is this 'intelligence' I speak about you say? Well, all comment doors sofar weren't able to see that if I typed "c kill" I wanted to comment to "KiLLraVeN/MYSTiC" nor where they able to see that if I typed "c amiga" I wanted to comment to the Amiga co-sysop. KiLLER Comment is able to detect this! Another thing is security. Every new user was able to see which cosysops you had, but by giving every cosysop a security level, they will not see their names/jobs. And if there is only one (co)sysop they are allowed to see, they will not even see it is done via KiLLER Comment. Also, per user in the [C]omment list there is a check wether he/she has got access to the conference that KiLLER [C]omment is called from, so it is impossible to write a person to someone in the wrong conference. What I personally also dislike are comment doors that only fill like 25% of your screen. Not that you should put a lot of nonsense in your comment door, no, but KiLLER Comment puts an extra line between the names of the (co-)sysops if that's possible with the user's maximum numbers of lines he can handle on his screen. It's these kinds of things I miss in those 13-in-a-dozen [C]omment doors. That's why I made KiLLER Comment. And oh, just like I first introduced cursor control in ConfScan, KiLLER comment also uses cursor control for selecting a user you can write to.
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