short : TurboCalc Tables For German Phone Bill! author : (Mario 'padrino' Cattaneo) uploader : cattaneo coli uni-sb de (Mario \'padrino\' Cattaneo) type : biz/spread version : 1.3 replaces : biz/misc/TCPhoneBill.lha architecture : generic Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 11.10K Date : 16-Feb-00 Download : 💾
As a student I am living in a flat-sharing community AND the telephone is mine, so I better had to think of an (quite) easy way to handle those monthly upcoming phone bills ;-) Well, I decided to use TurboCalc for this job. I made tables for 2 to 5 flat members... Now even for "Call by Call", "10plus..."... and here are the results, enjoy! Mario 'padrino´ Cattaneo Changes for V1.3: (02/15/2000) - Changed some terms again - Reduced unit values by 0.001PF each - Fixed another bug in the calculation of "Differenz" (4 members were always the default case) - Optimized some calculationstrings (they are easier to read now :-) - Protected cells that should not be changed by hand
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