short : Updated italian catalog for StarAm Plan V2.1 author : (Thorsten Passow) uploader : tpassow physik uni-bremen de (Thorsten Passow) type : biz/spread architecture : generic Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 23.28K Date : 21-Jun-97 Download : 💾
StarAm Plan is an easy to use but powerful spreadsheet program. This is release 2 of the catalog file for StarAm Plan V2.1 in ITALIANO. It is an update of the catalog file in the StarAm Plan V2.1 release. You need also the StarAm Plan V2.1 release: - StarAm_Plan.lha for 68000 CPU or higher - StarAm_Plan881.lha for 68020 CPU + 68881 FPU or higher To install the new catalog file, extract this archive into your directory of StarAm Plan. The new catalog file will then overwrite the old catalog file (you must confirm the question if the old catalog file shall be overwritten with y). The correct path is: "StarAm Plan/catalogs/italiano/StarAm_Plan.catalog"
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