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This Final Calc worksheet is comprised of 3 sheets: Mortgage Tables - monthly payment lookup table with interest rate (6-8.75%) vs principle ($54,000-$160,000) with adjustable amortization period. Mortgage Calculator - simple payment calculator - enter amount to finance, amortization period & interest Mortgage Evaluation - shows where all the money is going (i.e. principle & interest for each payment & affect of extra payments on amortization) Use alt-s to toggle between sheets (or Project/Sheet/View from the menu). The formulae are customized for Canadian mortgages although should be adaptable for other countries. Solutions are accurate to within 1 cent when compared to mortgage tables obtained from my bank. All sheets should be self explanatory although some notes are included for interest rate calculation. Use or modify these sheets at will - just send me an email if you have suggestions, find bugs or if you have any questions. Also check out my homepage for other Amiga software I have written. Its all free! Brian Savage Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Canada email: homepage:
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