short : Payslip database program, V1.5a author : (Richard Smedley) uploader : rsmedley cix compulink co uk (Richard Smedley) type : biz/misc architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 101.95K Date : 10-Feb-97 Download : 💾
The sister program to UltraAccounts... (Aminet: biz/misc/ultraacc.lha) An intuitive & easy-to-use database, designed specifically for keeping a computerized record of all your payslips. Have you ever wondered how much of your wages actually ends up in the hands of the tax man? Or how much you've paid into the company pension scheme? This program will tell you! Also, by entering all your payslips into the computer, you'll be able to throw away all those dusty old payslips while still keeping a permanent record of their contents. Requires Kickstart 2.0 and at least 1 meg memory. Kickstart 3.0 and extra memory are both recommended, but not essential. NOTES FOR THIS RELEASE - Graphs can now be printed. - Bug fix: The arrow buttons didn't work in the graph routines, making it impossible to scroll through your payslips on the graph.
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