short : Home accounts made easy, V4.6 (8 languages) author : (Richard Smedley) uploader : rsmedley cix co uk (Richard Smedley) type : biz/misc architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 377.48K Date : 6-Oct-98 Download : đź’ľ
************************************************ UltraAccounts Home accounts made easy! Release 4.6 English - Français - Deutsch Italiano - Nederlands - Polski Svenska - Magyar Copyright (C) Richard Smedley 1998 All rights reserved ************************************************ UltraAccounts is one of the leading home accounts packages for the Amiga, with a powerful but easy-to-use user interface that has been specially designed to be suitable for beginners as well as experts. It contains all the features you need, and none that you don't need - and is all presented from a GUI which is so easy to set up and use that even people with no experience of accounts or computers will be able to get it up and running in no time. To use UltraAccounts, you need to have an Amiga-compatible computer fitted with a hard drive, Kickstart 2.0 or higher, and at least 3 meg ram. Ideally, UltraAccounts works best when used with Kickstart 3.0 or better, and a 68030 processor. Hard drive installation is simply a matter of dragging the entire Ultra4 drawer to an appropriate place on your HD. If you haven't installed Triton on your HD yet, then you will need to install that as well; you will find a Triton drawer inside the Ultra4 drawer, simply go inside and click on the Install icon. Registered UltraAccounts users will need to make sure that their keyfile is in the same drawer as the main UltraAccounts program. This program is shareware. If you like it, then please help to support the Amiga & the development of high quality shareware programs by registering it. Credit card registrations are accepted via RegNet, and you can also register by cash/cheque by sending the money directly to the author. A huge amount of time and effort has been put into developing and supporting UltraAccounts, and this wouldn't be possible without your support. LANGUAGES English The default language is English. Français Pour utiliser ce programme en français, changez le tooltype LANGUAGE dans l'icône d'UltraAccounts: LANGUAGE=Languages/Francais.ual Deutsch Um dieses Programm in Deutsch zu benutzen, ändern Sie bitte den LANGUAGE Tooltype im Ultraccountspiktogramm in: LANGUAGE=Languages/Deutsch.ual Italiano Per usare questo programma in Italiano, modificate il seguente tooltype nell'icona di UltraAccounts: LANGUAGE=Languages/Italiano.ual Nederlands Om dit programma in het Nederlands te gebruiken, verander het volgende tooltype in het UltraAccounts icoon in: LANGUAGE=Languages/Nederlands.ual Polski Aby uûywaê ten program po polsku, ustaw nastëpujâce parametry w ikonce UltraAccounts: LANGUAGE=Languages/Polski.ual Svenska För att använda detta program på svenska,sätt följande tooltype i UltraAccounts icon till: LANGUAGE=Languages/Svenska.ual Magyar A magyar nyelvû használathoz a következõ tooltype-ot kell beállítani az UltraAccounts ikonban: LANGUAGE=Languages/Magyar.ual CONTACTING THE AUTHOR Support address: Richard Smedley PO Box 59 Sutton-In-Ashfield Notts NG17 3HP England UltraAccounts home page: NOTES FOR THIS RELEASE - Supplied with a new update to triton.library. Don't forget to use this to update your libs! - Now includes basic support for hierarchical tags, allowing you to group related tags like "Petrol", "Repairs" etc under a single "Car expenses" tag. - You can now set default display options for all of your accounts and tags. - In the Show/Account and Show/Tag windows, setting the end date to a future date will display all of your timed events that are due to occur during that period. - Tags can now be used in Timed Transfers. - Bug fix: Finally fixed the bugs which made the Show/Account window crash on certain systems (eg. 68000/68010 processors) Please refer to the Version History in the main docs for full details about the other changes that have been made in this update.
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