short : A Personal Accounts Manager (V1.10). author : (Allan Savage) uploader : easymoney als-place co uk (Allan Savage) type : biz/misc version : 1.10 replaces : biz/misc/e_money_100.lha architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 176.63K Date : 18-May-03 Download : 💾
---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Easy Money v1.10 - A Personal Accounts Manager for the Amiga. Easy Money is a program designed to keep track of your Bank Accounts, Loans, Credit Cards, etc., but can be used for practically any type of account, for example book clubs or Air Miles. It is simple to use and at the same time is powerful enough to cope with the most demanding situations. Although Easy Money is a very powerful program, you do not require a very powerful machine to run it. It has been written to run under WB2.0 and above, and should run quite happily on a machine with only 1MB of memory and a floppy disk drive. However, it will make use of any additional capabilities of the machine such as more memory, hard disks, etc. Documentation is supplied in AmigaGuide format. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Program's History. V1.10 Additional Features. - Added the "Search" functions. - Added the "Copy ..." and "Copy Exact" functions. - Added the "Reverse Print Order" option to the Printer Setup. - Added the "Reverse Print Order" option to the Program Preferences. - Added a cancel button to the progress displays for all the print functions and the "Find Balance" reconciliation function. - Added error messages to the startup procedure to indicate what went wrong if the program failed to start. These will be printed on the command line. - Tidied up the spacing on the requesters. They are now more consistent, and are also smaller. This was necessary to make room for the "Reverse Print Order" options. Bug fixes. - When a deferred transaction was pushed off the top of the transaction list, its value was added to the account balance, thereby corrupting the account. This has been fixed. - If you try and fail to open a password protected file without closing a previous file, the previous file will still be available for use. However, saving this file would then overwrite the password protected file. This has also been fixed. V1.00 Initial Release. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
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