short : Payroll Program for the Amiga. author : Payroll Plus ©1997-1999 Brewster Productions uploader : brewpro freewwweb com (Richard Brewster) type : biz/misc version : 1.1 Demo architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lha Size : 681.49K Date : 6-Feb-99 Download : 💾
DISTRIBUTION: Freely distributable in its current form. The PayrollPlusDemo.lha file can be distributed in any form as long as it remains unchanged. Payroll Plus is an easy to use, yet complete payroll program. Payroll amounts are quickly entered, while withholding taxes are handily calculated by Payroll Plus. Mistakes made at any point in the year can be easily corrected at any other point in the year. (A real plus!) Payroll Plus calculates and handles all Federal withholding and unemployment taxes, and State withholding and unemployment taxes for all 50 states. Payroll Plus puts out great reports such as: Payroll Register Quarterly Tax Register Year To Date Audit Employee Master Labels Multiple Labels 3 different Payroll Check formats Pay Stubbs W-2 W-3 Each report can be user configured in up to 45 different sorting and ordering combinations. Ranges may also be set within each group. Payroll Plus reports put the tax information you need at your finger tips so you can quickly do payroll tax forms. Payroll can be tracked by department, job classification, etc. Reports can be run at any time to report what the payroll figures were at any other point in the current year. PayrollPlusDemo is limited to 3 employee records in the Employee Master file, and only allows for payroll records to be entered for payroll periods in the month of January. Also, there are only 35 states entered in the State Tax Code file. Payroll Plus is a developed application of SBase4Pro. This archive contains a freely distributable, fully functional demo version of SBase4Pro v1.30n. The SBase4Pro demo version has a limit of 35 records in any database used with it. The full version of Payroll Plus has complete functionality and comes with a manual. The full version of Payroll Plus may be ordered from: Brewster Productions 669 Bluff Manor Circle St Charles MO 63303 Tel: 314-939-2704 Fax: 314-939-2704 E-Mail: Payroll Plus check writing is compatible with NEBS checks. The user manual of the full version comes with a packet of information about their specific products that are compatible with Payroll Plus, and how to order them.
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