short : Patch Pagestream 2.2HL to 2.21 architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 154.46K Date : 1-Oct-92 Download : 💾
PAGESTREAM 2.2HL TO PAGESTREAM 2.21 PATCH PROGRAM PageStream has recently been upgraded to version 2.21. The changes are: 2.2HL to 2.21 Changes: - New Break Link command. (replaces Shift Publish.) requires HotLinks - HotLinks notifies are no longer missed. - Text objects no longer shift when edited. - Clicking on the scrollbox edge instead of the scrollbar now has no effect. - Gold Disk Font Manager converted Compugraphic fonts have incorrect style information. 2.21 accepts them anyway. - Changed keyboard equivalents for the toolbox. 2.2HL had incorrect equivalents. - Uses Workbench 3.0 menus and scrollbars if Workbench 3.0 is used. - Saving tag files and publishing DTXT text files now writes out correct baseline and indent values. 2.2 to 2.2HL Changes: - HotLinks compatibility fixed. - Picture window graphic import fixed. UPGRADING TO PAGESTREAM 2.21 This archive contains a patch program to convert PageStream 2.2HL to PageStream 2.21. The program makes all the changes necessary to upgrade your PageStream 2.2HL to PageStream 2.21. This patch cannot be applied to earlier versions of PageStream. After the patch is complete, the original version of PageStream2 will be renamed to PageStream2.old, the new version will be named PageStream2. The PageStream2.old file may be deleted if the patch is successfully completed. To apply the patch, do the following: 1) Open a Shell. 2) Change to the drawer on your hard drive where your copy of PageStream is kept. If you do not have a hard drive, you can run the patch in RAM if you have enough memory. example: cd work:pagestream 3) Copy the patch file to this directory. example: copy ram:pgs221_patch/pgs22.pch to "" 4) Execute the patch. example: lpatch -ppgs221.pch PageStream2 Note: the 'ppgs' is not a typo. Type the above line exactly as shown. 5) The lpatch program creates a new program called ''. Verify that this program has been created by listing the directory. example: dir 6) Delete the old PageStream2 program. example: delete pagestream2 7) Rename the program. example: rename PageStream2 That's it. Your copy of PageStream is now fully updated to 2.21. Soft-Logik Publishing Corp. PO Box 510589 St. Louis MO 63151-0589 USA Sales : 800-829-8608 (toll free for North America) 314-894-8608 (outside North America) Tech Support: 314-894-0431 Business hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
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