short : Improved version of free accounting program author : (Morten Bjergstrøm) uploader : mbjergstroem hotmail com (Morten Bjergstrøm) type : biz/misc version : 1.1 Beta 1 replaces : biz/misc/MoneyManager10.lha architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 159.32K Date : 25-Mar-00 Download : 💾
MoneyManager is an very easy to use accounting program and it includes most of the functions that you will need. MoneyManager was made because most other accounting programs are crippled shareware with a very limited number of possible transactions and in my opinion there is no reason to pay about 25DM/15$ for a program like this. MoneyManager was programmed in Oberon-A ©1995 by Frank Copeland and it uses the Triton gui system ©1994-1995 by Stefan Zeiger. HISTORY: 08/01/1999 1.0 First public version (To be considered as a public beta!) 26/06/1999 1.1 Beta 1 * Sorting is now a lot faster when adding transactions in date order. * Added pie chart graphing. (But you can't change the parameters. It's only here to show you that I was working on it.) * Improved the "Show Tags" option. * The problem with tags not being loaded on startup now fixed (very stupid bug). * Improved the GUI somewhat. * Graphing is disabled for the moment (It sucks. But you can see the changed GUI). * Now it's possible to show intervals of tags (from one date to another). * Deletion of tags now works as it should. * It's now possible to change the names and abreviations of tags! * Added possibility to save data as a GNUPlot compatible datafile. * Added a datecheck routine to prevent wrong dateformats. (Not used everywhere yet.) * Bubble help added. (Only when the pointer is over the date field in the 'New Transaction' window.)
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