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---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 1.93 18-06-1998 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- o Added Deutch catalog . o Relooked balance Window . o Fixed some bugs in Main window , Automatic window , Take categories . o Fixed bug with BlitzBank loading. DESCRIPTION MajorBank : It's a software that allows you to manage your bank accounts easily and intuitively. Its main assets compared to the different existing softwares are : o Fully localized in English and French (documentation + catalog) o Its simple, powerful and intuitive graphical interface. o Highly configurable. o The management of 10 accounts simultaneously. o The loading of ABank, BlitzBank or HomeBank accounts. o A realtime Euro conversion. o Groups allowing you to load and save several accounts at one go. o The ability to manage transfers and deductions automatically. o The management of predefined transactions. o A powerful search function. o Cut, copy, paste handling. o A powerful sort function. o A graphical display of transactions. o A statistics window. o The printing and exportation of the account. o The balance calculation at a date of your choice. o A calculator available at any moment. o The ability to merge several accounts. o No limit for the number of transactions. o The multiselection of transactions. o A hypertext documentation available at any moment.
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