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Type: biz/misc Long: Ledger was written by a friend of mine to keep track of my ins and outs etc, for the end of year tax returns etc. It started as a very small program without any frills but has slowly grown to be indispensable to me. It doesn't have facility's like Auto direct debits etc, because for what the program is intended for (self employed accounts) it isn't needed. Unfortunately there isn't a lot in the way of docs as I am not very good at explaining things on paper and the author wouldn't even give a one line explanation ! He only done the easy bit the programming :-) A couple of things I would like to point out are 1, This is a shareware program and I feel that a measly 10 quid for the authors efforts is not a lot to ask, I wouldn't like to even guess the amount of man hours that have gone into this program. 2, YES IT IS CRIPPLED ! the only cripple in the program is that it has a sellby date which is set at 1/1/96 at this time the program will not work and you will need to register so PLEASE DON'T RELY ON AN UNREGISTERED VERSION FOR YOUR ACCOUNTS. Just use it alongside your present method as a valuation. Upon registration you will be sent the latest full version and also any future updates. Right here we go, if anyone wants to write a decent amigaguide doc file please feel free and Email it to me A.S.A.P We will make it worth your While. :-) Installation: Simply copy the ledger and the ledger.prefs files to a directory of your choice and assign Ledger to this directory in your user-startup ASSIGN LEDGER: Work:wherever Next edit the Ledger.prefs file with your favourite text editor to tell the program how many lines to display on the screen. Normaly 20 max for High res and 45 max for Double pal. Double click on the Ledger icon and away you go. Usage: Top display bars Date: Current Time: Current From: Date of first entry To: Date of last entry Turnover:Income Expenses:Outgoings Profit: Profit Percentage: % of profit If you wish to change the current date, click on it and enter a new date this will not change the system date on your computer. The rest of the screen is pretty self explanatory. You will notice that the program can be used as a simple bank account manager to a full self employed persons accounting system. Keyboard commands: a Add a transaction. Once A has been selected you will be dropped into the date column and pushing return will enter the current system date if you wish to enter a different date, then use this formula 02.01.95 Next you will be dropped to the Code section, at this point you enter the code you want to use for that entry. ie TELE for phone bill, MAPL for a maplin payment, RS for radio spares etc, any code you wish from 1 - 4 digits. Please note that you must not use SELF, this will be explained later. Pushing return then takes you to the transaction details, I don't think this really needs an explanation. Pushing return after entering the details will take you to the debit part of the process, if the transaction is a debit then enter the amount followed by return, if it's a credit then push return in the blank box and you will be shoved over to the credit box where you can enter the amount, followed by return will update the whole screen to include the new transaction. If you make a mistake and put a debit instead of a credit, simply click in the credit column and re-enter the amount and it will update the entry. c Total credits and debits for a particular code, ie if you deal with a company called ICU electronics of which you decide to use the code ICU simply hit C and then input ICU and you will be given a total of your payments to them and credits from them. d Delete an entry This option deletes the entry directly under the mouse pointer when you push the left mouse button although you will be given a chance to change your mind. f Find an entry. This option will perform a string search throughout the CODE and TRANSACTION DETAILS, if it finds a matching entry it will highlight it and give you the option to search again or stop. I found this option very useful. When I get an invoice come in I simply enter the transaction as follows Code Transaction Detail Debit HOLD CPC Pack of resistors 12.00 The reason I use HOLD is because I want the amount to come off the balance but I am not ready to send payment, at a later date I simply push F and enter HOLD then the search finds all the entries that havn't been payed yet. I then write out the cheques and change the HOLD code's to the actual codes. i Insert an entry. This option inserts an entry directly above the position where you click the left mouse button. m Brings up the main menu p Prints all the totals on the screen including the top display info q Quit. If you have made any changes to the account before selecting you will have the option to save the changes. s Save. Saves the current data. v This option allows you to get the VAT info for a given period Just follow the prompts after hitting v. EDIT To edit an entry click it then type in the revised data, or just return if you don't want to change anything. If you wish to edit transaction details click the entry, then click the right mouse button, the line you are editing will be duplicated bellow the current line, again push return to leave without making changes. All the above option are also available from the mouse by pushing the right mouse button. Editing an entry is very simple, click on the information that you want edited and type in the revised data, if don't want to change it just push return You will notice that the balance at the bottom of the screen in the sample file is not the same as the profit figure at the top, this is not a bug, but another Powerful feature of ledger. It is caused by the use of the code SELF, if you make a payment for instance for national insurance it is NOT tax deductible, so therefore entering the code as SELF will take the amount from the actual balance but not from your profits, which is the figure the tax man is interested in. but you are also interested in whats REALLY in the bank. Mick is currently working on a foot note option for each transaction, see Ledger.iff This will be available by the time the registrations start rolling in :-) Well I hope you find this program as much use as I do. Happy Using If you wish to register then please send a cheque or postal order to Michael Bell 84, Deneholm Road Gravesend Kent DA11 8LN Please mark the envelope Ledger Registration Any bug reports or suggestions to or to the above address. Thanks Ritchie
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