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Investment Monitor V1.0 Introduction: This program was written out of a need to be able to quickly find out how my investments were doing without starting up a spread sheet etc. Further more I wanted to be able to run the same utility on the Unix boxes at work. Thus I created the `Investment Monitor'. This program lends itself to tracking stocks and mutual funds. It does not do interest calculations. Features: - Calculate investments and uptodate fund values, gains, unit holdings etc. - Input through simple to maintain ASCII data files. - Display graphs in multiple windows. (Amiga WB2.04 or X11 only) - Command language allows for custom scripts and setups. - Supports dynamic variables with VAR command Detailed Description: The Investment Monitor is based around 3 different types of data each of which is stored in a text file. Once the program starts you are presented with a command line. From here you may perform various functions to display information. These commands can also be stored in command files and executed as a script. Files: 1. SETUP file. This file lists the Names of the Funds or Stocks you wish to track along with a 2 character alias and a colour index. The colour index should be a valid pen index (0-15 on 16 colour Workbench). Once this file is created you are finished with it. Format: Name Alias Colour Type Example: Equity EQ 3 G - Assign alias EQ, color 3 Growth 2. TRANS file. This file lists the transactions that are made by you. It indicates the buying, selling and dividends received for Funds or Stocks. Each time you make a transaction simply add it to the end. If you have transactions based on automatic bank transfers, you may type those in as far into the future as you want. Format: Date Alias Transaction Amount Example: 930101 EQ B 100 - Buy $100 Equity on Jan 1, 1993 3. PRICE file. This file lists the price variations for each of the Funds or Stocks. Each time you get price information from your statements or from the newspaper add a line. The order of the values must be the same as in the SETUP file. Entering 0.00 skips that particular fund. Format: Date Fund1 Fund2 Fund3 Fund4 ... - $ value for each fund Example: 930101 12.34 14.56 9.9 0.0 3.4 - The 4th fund was not reported There is a fourth type of file. 4. COMMAND file. This file can contain a set of commands that will be interpreted when the command file is executed. You may add comments to any of these files using the '#' as the 1st character on the line. You may also add comments to the end of the SETUP and TRANS lines, but not the end of the PRICE or COMMAND file. Syntax: invmon is brought up from the CLI and has the following syntax: invmon [-s setupfile] [-t transactionfile] [-p pricefile] [-c commandfile] All parameters are optional and can be executed from the invmon command line. To find the syntax of the command interpreter simply type HELP or HELP followed by a command. For the SET command type HELP SET ALL to see what parameters the SET command accepts. For the PIE and STACK charts the fund field is ignored. PIE charts show data for all active funds for SINGLE days, STACK charts show data for all active funds over a range of days. Copyright: This program is Copyright Alexander Pfaffe 1993. This program is Public Domain and freely distributable as long as the archive is kept intact and no fees above a reasonable duplication cost are charged. In no way may this program or any of the files in this archive be used for commercial purposes. Disclaimer: This program is distributed on an as is basis, no warrenty implied or otherwise is given. Nor can I accept any liability for losses or damages incurred by the use off this program. Bugs: - Window titles and other text won't always show correctly. - Drawing outside of window boundary will trash memory - Be sure to stay within the boundaries, a future version will fix this, with relative graphs which can be resized & redrawn etc. Future Enhancements: - Intuition(MUI)/X11 front end to allow graph generation - Intuition(MUI)/X11 front end to allow data editing - More graphing parameters - More statistic parameters - AREXX port - Convert to C++ I am open to suggestions and bug fixes and plan to release future versions. This program has been in operation for approximately 3 months and I have verified its calculations with the Mutual fund company that holds my investments. Alexander Pfaffe PO Box 55, Cobble Hill B.C., V0R1L0
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