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The Home Accountant (c) Dragonwarez 1992, 1993, & 1994 Version 1.2 Introduction WHAT? This program is designed to help you manage a set of separate home accounts called a transaction base. That is, it will allow you to maintain an account database, budget account expenditures, and obtain a basic balance for an account or a transaction base. WHY? I decided to develop this when I tried to find a program which performed these functions. I did find some programs which perform the function my program does but there were a couple things missing. First of all, other programs of this nature seemed to cover only checkbooks. My program is applicable to any sort of account you may wish to track. Second, other programs lack an ease of use that you will find here. I use a lot of direct one keypress hot-keys so a user may move easily through an account. My program is not as fast at sorting and disk access, but ease of use makes this disadvantage negligible. Also, the sorting feature may be turned off with the in-house preferences. POLICY: This package is Freeware. In another words, this software is completely free. You need not feel guilty about using it without paying for it, because that is exactly what I want you to do. The only thing I ask is that you do not take credit for it. Dragonwarez is registered in the US, so if anyone shows up taking credit for it (besides me), you will be . Therefore this archive, all its files, and "The Home Accountant" are all Copyright 1992, 1993, & 1994 by Dragonwarez. You may freely redistribute this program anywhere you like. In whatever manner you do this your distribution should have the following files: Home_Accountant.DOC The-Home-Accountant BUGS README The-Home-Accountant.AMOS Announce_1.2 There are to be no charges made for this program. I hereby give permission to any second party to modify the source and redistribute it for non-profit purposes. Also this new distribution must include the original text files included in this distribution. Mention must be made of me, the original author, by the second party when releasing this modified version. I hope this works to the benefit of all who use this package. DISCLAIMER: I will not be responsible for ANY damage that results directly or indirectly from the use of this software. Example: your hard drive goes nuts while using this program and you lose valuable data. I am not responsible for it. Another example: you make a financial decision based on a figure this software produced for you, and you lose your shirt. It's not my problem. This software does not make decisions for you. It's up to you how you use it. Please understand though, this program has nothing in it that I put there that is intended to damage anything. This is just to release myself from "implied responsibilities" that some greedy, unscrupulous person may try to exploit. My hope for this program is that it will repay the Amiga community in two ways. The first way is to simply have a good piece of software available for all to use which does these functions. The second is that people will save money through the use of this program. Maybe these hopes are too far fetched, but I would hope not since other packages have fulfilled similar goals. If you have questions, suggestions, bug reports, etc then you may get a hold of me in two ways. The first, and probably the best, is email via the Internet. My address is If you do not have email access on the Internet then conventional mail will serve just fine. When contacting me in this manner, enclose a self addressed envelope with sufficient postage and mail your letter (and the envelope) to: Vincent Platt 908 - 18th Street North Moorhead, MN 56560 USA If you do not enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope then I may or may not return a response. The above addresses are in the About item in the program so just use that if you don't care to refer back to this file. I hope you all find this useful!!!
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