short : Calculation for money makers author : Dirk Neubauer ( uploader : Dirk Neubauer (dirk neubauer guestrow netsurf de) type : biz/misc version : 0.6 replaces : biz/misc/FondsCalc.lha requires : TurboCalc or another spreadsheet program architecture : m68k-amigaos kurz : Gewinnberechnungen f├╝r Geldanlagen Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 83.69K Date : 30-Nov-99 Download : ­čĺż
- TurboCalc-Sheets for a simple calculation - - of pure profit out of investments - Introduction ------------ Sometime I wanted to compare some kinds of investments (fonds of stocks, securities, estates, deposits etc.). The reason was to find out the pure profit made. The only thing I want to know is the investment which yields the most money. That was the reason for creating these sheets. Till now you can use it for fonds of stocks, estates and securities distributing the profit. For fonds thesauring maybe some small changes are needed, this will probably be done in the next releases. Deposits month by month and random calls following the first one are supported by these sheets, yet. If you've only straight bonds, you don't need such a sheet, because of fixed interest rates. The values calculated by these sheets are not correct to the last cent, but usable. I don't need more accuracy. The calculated "profits" are more accurate the longer the runtime is. If you want more features for these sheets, then you should contact me. New in v0.5: - second sheet for investments with deposits month by month are created - new structure for documentation for two sheets now - taken icons into the archive (compatible to OS3.5, too) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - TurboCalc-Tabellen zur einfachen Berechnung - - des Reingewinns aus Geldanlagen - Einf├╝hrung ---------- Irgendwann wollte ich mal verschiedene Geldanlagen (Aktienfonds, Rentenfonds, Immobilienfonds, Festzinssparen etc.) miteinander vergleichen. Bei diesem Vergleich ging es mir um den Nettogewinn. Denn nichts anderes m├Âchte ich wissen, als mit welcher Anlage ich mehr Geld erzielen konnte. Das war der Anstoss, diese Tabellen zu entwerfen. Bisher kann man diese Tabellen f├╝r Aktien-, Renten- sowie Immobilienfonds mit Ertragssausch├╝ttung benutzen. F├╝r thesaurierende Fonds m├╝ssten eventuell kleinere Anpassung
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