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TITLE FinanceMasterDemo - The stockmarket analyser VERSION 1.02 AUTHOR Christopher Potter E-Mail: DESCRIPTION This is the demonstration of FinanceMaster, a commercial software available for the moment in France. + Display linear (3 averages curves+speed+acceleration+volume+oscillator) and points&figures + Values can be entered by hand or by automatic downloading(for France) + Manage your portfolio + MAKE AUTOMATIC DETECTION OF POINTS&FIGURES PATTERNS (even on PC you can't find that) -> This detection give you a listing of buys and sells to do. + Can specify the sector, earning per share of the current year and the last one + Calculate PER If you are interested for a English translation, please send me E-Mail or write to me: Christopher Potter 36 bis rue de la Tour d'Auvergne 75009 PARIS (FRANCE) SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS All Amiga. For the commercial version, Hard Disk and accelerator recommended HOST NAME FTP/Internet: AmiNet ( and mirrors DIRECTORY pub/aminet/biz/demo FILE NAMES FinanceMasterDem.lha DISTRIBUTABILITY Freely distributable, Copyright by the author
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