short : Demo of Finance Controller architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/octet-stream Size : 359.63K Date : 28-Jun-93 Download : 💾
The steps below will create a bootable demo disk for you. 1. Boot off of your Hard Disk or WorkBench disk 2. Insert a blank formated disk in df0: 3. Run a CLI and change to the directory containing FC.RUN, the demo file. 4. Type FC.RUN DF0: 5. Rename the disk in DF0: to FC_Demo 6. Type INSTALL DF0: 7. The disk in DF0: will now be ready to boot, enjoy the demo! More information can be found in the document file stored in the same directory as the demo program. Thanks for your interest, Richard May Partner, Complete Computer Solutions.
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