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The holidays in spring (Good Friday, Easter, Ascension Day, Whitsun and (frequently) Corpus Christi) are celebrated at appointments that change with the year. To be precise, Easter Sunday is the sunday after the first time moon is full in spring. A program that calculates Easter Sunday does already exist ( and I used it for testing correctness - the results are equal, despite both programs are independent from each other). May it just be a question of convenience, it seemed me boring to cal- culate the other holidays by hand and enter them, one by one, in an Organiser file. So I wrote East. East outputs the appointments of all these holidays both on the screen and into an appointment file to be loaded with Organiser. Don't forget that orgfiles can be concatenated by loading the second one, while the SHIFT key is pressed. East is (c) Rainald March East is FREEWARE. There are no restrictions. Use it as a preparator of an agressive war, or even as a salesman of a German life insurance. I shan't complain. Feel free to redistribute, improve and extend the program, and to use the algorithm for your own purposes. The doc file must follow the program without changes, except for the version not(d)e. Cat file and template are needed for use. Distributors of Digita are allowed to supply the program with any documentation, or without it.
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