short : Personnal Account Manager, OS1.3+, *1.0* author : (Cédric Degéa) [valid email until june 97] uploader : cduretet clio unice fr (Cedric Degea) type : biz/misc version : 1.0 requires : Only a 68000+ A500 OS >= 1.3. Gadget & Reqtools libraries required. Tested on OS3.1 but not on anything else.. architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 47.50K Date : 23-May-97 Download : 💾
This program uses gadget.library 1.00, © Steffen Gutmann 1992-93 (v. 1.1 included in the archive) and reqtools.library 2.6 © Nico François & Magnus Holmgrem (NOT included) ************* ** ENGLISH ** ************* This new (May 97) account manager is my first attempt to release a proggy in the amiga P.D. It's intended to be small, easy to use, and to generate small account files. There are still some things to add; however, this is a fully fonctionnal (i.e., not crippled) version, that I use daily for my own needs. Be careful as CBank isn't "state of the art" programmed: It produces lots of enforcer hits; Althought I've been using it without problems, I recommand you to be careful while testing it, you use it at your own risks! Later versions will be more OS-friendly. (BUT I'll work on it if there IS a need for it: email me to say if you need [or if you don't :-] a small, efficient (? :) account manager like CBank) Why CBank? --) To satisfy O.S. 1.3 users :-), --) In fact because of its low requirements (see the 'requires' field) it may also satisfy OTHER users who want a small account manager (the executable file is < 35 Ko, written in C). If you NEED 256k colours interface with a lot of features, don't read farther, you're wasting time. If not, why not take a look at CBank, and maybe test it ? :p --) Last but not least, CBank has (i think) unique features: - several accounts together in >one< file format, allowing to make money moves between accounts (in french: virements; sorry, this is much too specialized english for me..) more easily, by *one* operation. - i may write stats routines that take advantage of this (for example, "what are my exepnses concerning Computers among ALL my accounts?") if I get feed-back.. - compact file-format --) Probably more 'normal' features: -Full date in internal format ('1997' and not '97') -Long labels, accounts names, comments/annotations (upto 255 chars) ************** ** FRANCAIS ** ************** Pourquoi CBank? Parceque les utilisateurs actuels de l'os1.3 ont le choix entre ABank ... et ABank (dont l'auteur a arrété le developpement). D'autre part, les O.S. 2.0+ verront en CBank un concurrent a MUIbank et Blitzbank (on peut rêver :-))))), vu que l'éxecutable cbank est beacoup plus petit, (à priori :-))) et que la distribution inclus très peu de fichiers. Avantages par rapport à ABank: ceux du C par rapport à AMOS :-) (que j'utilise aussi d'ailleurs, no flames please!) Voir la partie anglophone pour des compléments.
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