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TITLE BancaBase13 VERSION 1.3 (New relase Localized) AUTHOR Stefano Dardari E-Mail : FidoNet: 2:332/301.200 DESCRIPTION ---------------------------------------------------------------------- BancaBase3 Version 1.3 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- This is the 1.3 version of BancaBase, a Family budget management. At the moment the documentation is only in Italian language, but I'm workig on translation. The 1.3 is the first localized version, and the Catalog Descriptions are included to easly translate the program in other languages. (if so please contact me by Email). Author of the translation will be mentioned on the language information requester. A complete English translation AmigaGuide manual, will be available early in Aminet. This new relase include some interesting features : - Graphic User Interface fully customizable through a built in GUI editor. Is possible to set SCREENS, FONTS, BACKDROPS, COLORS end more. It doesn't use MUI ad so it's not necessary to send money to other people to have a fully functional and customizable program. Every Archive can be set to the preferred settings that program load with the archive data automatically. - Unlimited customizable List of object that user can recall in useful POP-UP buttons placed near the string gadget in all the program windows. Lists include Descriptions, Classes, amounts. - Possible to use mouse/keyboard only or both thank to the sophisticated graphic user interface. - There are available two kind of graph (like the older version) that show balance, but now have a nice 3d look and can be also printed. - Import/Export functions in a customizable CSV format. Ready some settings for the most popular programs like TurboCalc, DataStore and others. - Records Browser with customizable record colors for Income, Expense and other. - Real time display of actual balance total and filtered with an auto-recalculate function. The display can be disabled to avoid that other peoples can know our balance ! ;) - An useful tools menu were can be easily recalled the calculator or other available utility. One for calculate the days difference from two dates, the other to calculate the date resulting by adding or removing a certain number of days from a desired starting date. - Amiga GUIDE on-line manual that can be recalled by the HELP key or by menu. - Localization. At the begin there are available the Italian and English version, but more can be easily create thank to the Catalog.description furnished with the program. - There are many kind of reports that can be displayed in a builtin viewer, so can be showed also to that users that haven't a printer. Naturally can be also printed ! ;) - Collecting function to PACK more records in one only that contain the total amount calculated. - All the program is been rewritten and enhanced. A special 020 version (and perhaps also an 030/060 version) will be available. - Functions to purge,restore deleted records, sorting by date. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Other functions are under developement. I think to add many functions to this program, and this depend on how is the users interest. More registrations and more development. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To install BancaBase on HardDisk simply doubleclick on Install_ENG icon and wait until the installer procedure is loaded. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For any question, bug report or anything else, contact me to : Email : (preferred) Fidonet : 2:332/301.200 Via Snail-Mail to : Stefano Dardari Via Romagna 15 47037 Rimini Italy ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Exuse me for my poor english ... :} Please read the included .readme file for more info.
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