short : BancaBase SVENSKA translation author : (Jon ├ůslun) uploader : sdardari rimini com (Stefano Dardari) type : biz/misc architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 96.67K Date : 9-Mar-98 Download : ­čĺż
TITLE BancaBase3 1.3a SVENSKA cataolgs and guide translations. VERSION BancaBase V 1.3a SVENSKA BancaBase.catalog 1.00 (12.02.98) SVENSKA SDBase.catalog 1.00 (12.02.98) SVENSKA BancaBase.GUIDE 1.00 AUTHOR Translations by Jon ├ůslu E-Mail : jooon@hem1.passagen.s Package by Stefano Dardari E-Mail : FidoNet: 2:332/301.200 DESCRIPTION This archive include the complete SVENSKA catalog translation of BancaBase.catalog, SDBase.catalog and the BancaBase.GUIDE documentation. Many thanks go to A.T.O. for their help and to the svedish translator Jon ├ůslun for his contribute. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- To install in the correct location this files you must : Copy the content of the directory Catalogs of this archive in the BancaBase/Catalogs directory of your HardDisk installation. Copy the content Docs/Svenska of this archive in your BancaBase/Docs directori of your HardDisk installation. If you want to force BancaBase to use the Svenska.catalog also if it's not the default system language, you must add a tooltype like this : LANGUAGE=svenska If so, please remember to put in brackets () in the others LANGUAGE ToolTypes if any. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- For any question, bug report or anything else, contact me to : Email : (preferred) Fidonet : 2:332/301.200 Via Snail-Mail to : Stefano Dardari Via Romagna 15 47900 Rimini Italy ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Exuse me for my poor english ... :}
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