short : AmiVoice 2.01-Invoice/Order form creator. author : (P. Drake) uploader : portiasoftware tiscali co uk (P Drake) type : biz/misc architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 141.56K Date : 10-Dec-02 Download : 💾
AmiVoice is a simple invoice and order creator, designed using a pleasant SCALA look-a-like interface, so its easy on your eyes. It allows you to create invoice/order with ease, saving all your data into 8 different data-bases. Each data-base file as a maximum of approx. 1 gigabyte, which may hold up to approx. 16.8 million records. REQUIREMENT:- Any Amiga (I think) with 2 megs and hard drive. RECOMMENDED MINIMUM:- Standard A1200 TESTED ON:- A600 - With 2 megs chip memory. A1200 - Standard A1200 - Standard + 4 megs fast memory. A1200 - With 1230-IV Blizzard + 4 megs fast memory. TEST PRINTERS:- Canon BJ200ex. (Epson Emulation Mode) Citizen Swift 24. The AmiVoice directory MUST installed in the root directory on any hard drive or partition. eg. dh0:AmiVoice dh1:AmiVoice LEGALITIES:- 1:- The AmiVoice software is provided "as-is" and subject to change. 2:- No warranties are made and use is at your own risk. 3:- No liability or responsibility is assumed. E-MAIL:-
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