short : The Ultimate Magic Yard V1.10 author : (Bernhard Lindner) uploader : tummy-support bernhard-lindner de (Bernhard Lindner) type : biz/dbase requires : AmigaOS 3.x, ECS, 6MB RAM, 020/040/060 CPU architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 910.60K Date : 27-May-01 Download : 💾
T.U.M.M.Y - The Ultimate Magic Yard - SHAREWARE This is propabely the best Magic The Gathering tradeable card database available for the AMIGA. Features: - VERY powerful search functions - Amigaguide and online help system (currently incomplete) - Iconify function - Works without additional librarys - Needs no assigns - Localized (German, English) - More than 7200 cards in its database - Arexx port - ... I will continue development after getting any registrations (this also includes complete guides in english and german). No registrations means no further development. Greetings to all AMIGA users by... Bernhard Lindner.
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