short : Managment program for TV- & Bookseries author : type : biz/dbase replaces : STVideo124.lha requires : guienv.library (aminet) architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 42.79K Date : 7-Sep-97 Download : 💾
Star Trek Videoverwaltung ___________________________ 1.3 This software is protect by the laws of the federal republic of Germany. No Changes allowed. No gurantee for head crashes (disks and heads) :-) This program can handle STDUV-Infos so that your every normal database is now obsolet. Have you ever wanted to take a look on your movies while choosing your favorite video for the evening? Now you can. The same with your books, wanna know what you or a friend can read without takeing every book and read the backside? For details please read the german docs or ask me for help. An english helpfile is now included. Cyborg
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