short : C++ Wrapper (V1.2) for mSQL.library (V5+) author : (Jürgen Schober) uploader : jschober pointdesign com (Jürgen Schober) type : biz/dbase version : 1.2 requires : mSQL.library (V5+), mSQL Amiga Server (v2.0.9) architecture : m68k-amigaos date : 99/06/02 Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 53.90K Date : 8-Jun-99 Download : 💾
mSQL++ is a C++ Wrapper based on the mSQL.library. Please see the mSQL.library/mSQL documentation for further information and function description of the mSQL++ class. Features: --------- · Complete internal Exception handling. (thus a mSQL failure generates an EasyRequester or a simple Error dump). · Garbage collector. No need to shut down a connection or database. This is done automaticaly on destruction Changes to the original mSQL.library API: ----------------------------------------- All functions are called without prefix ('Msql'). For example, use sql.Connect(); instead of MsqlConnect(); Default parameters are defined, see the protoypes in mSQL++.h A Connection is (de)allocated on Construction/Destruction. So these two functions (MsqlAllocConnection(), MsqlFreeConnection()) become obsolent (but are included). Also, the functions mentioned as "ARexx Only" are also included in the class (but are dangerous to use, because error handling is not possible!). As the MsqlConnection handle is used internaly, this parameter is removed from the API function calls, in general. Additional Functions not found in the mSQL.library: --------------------------------------------------- The mSQL++ class does not use a conection handle because this is object private now. Though it is possible to ask for the connection and the connection state: MsqlConnection* mSQL::GetConnection() returns a pointer to the internal connection handel. BOOL mSQL::IsConnected() returns the state of the connection. Disclaimer: ----------- The mSQL++ class code and source is provided "AS IS". I can not be made responsible for any data loss or other system failure. The mSQL++ code is (C)1999 Jürgen Schober, Point Design Software ( We'll have 'inhouse' pages open again ASAP). It is free to use as long as there is no money charged on projects based on mSQL++. For other pupose it uses the general rules of distributing other parts of the mSQL software. (see the original mSQL archive). (BTW: The NewIcons are rendered in Tornado3D V2.1 ;)
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