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DEMO VERSION Information Manager Professional 2.17 by Len Platt from Itchycoo Productions ---- Copyright (c) 1992,93,94,95 by Len Platt All rights reserved ---- ---- Released - May 15, 1995 Information Manager Professional is a personal information manager appropriate for the Professional but is also a great program for use the casual home user. Information Manager Professional is THE personal information manager for the professional who needs all their Time Management concerns at their fingertips. This is more than a set of databases, it's an efficient organizer of your day to day agendas both professional and personal. Information Manager Professional contains the following organizing and scheduling modules: Addresses -- all the fields needed for names, addresses, phone numbers, birthdays, anniversaries, interests, hobbies and for notes. There is also the capability of keep a separate database of Letters you have sent to the persons in each individual entry. Birthdays and Anniversaries can access the Calender module for inclusion in your daily events listing. There is extensive flagging and tagging for both entry and label printing. Billing -- A complete billing system for the individual or small business. Billing will interact with the Clients module. Area Codes -- Half-screen listing of WORLD Area Codes and their matching, major cities. Fully searchable database by Area Code, City or Country. Also has the ability to add and save future Area Code changes. This is available from any module or even from Workbench when IMPro is in iconified state. Calendar -- shows schedule from day to day, month to month, and year to year. It will show your daily ToDo's Appointments, Birthdays, Anniversaries and Holidays (U.S. and Canada). There is also access to a separate Daily Journal (Diary) for each day. The dates can be flagged for individual or multiple printouts to either printer or a file. Contacts -- Keeps track of all business Contacts with all necessary information and history. Also branches out to Project and/or Agenda databases for the individual Contacts. Next Meeting or Call can be set by way of the Calender interacting with Contacts. The Project Manager will help keep track of time charges and related information. Clients -- Keeps track of all Clients with all necessary information and history. Also branches out to Project and/or Agenda databases for the individual Clients. Next Meeting or Call can be set by way of the Calender interacting with Clients. Computer -- Keep track of all your computer's hardware and software. Great for getting those serial numbers or tech support phone numbers. Inventory -- Keeps track of Home and Business Inventories, Ideal for insurance purposes. NotePad -- ASCII Text Editor has search, replace, cut, paste, document insertion and more, plus an editable Macro setup for up to 10 255-character macros and/or 20 full text file macros. You can set auto wordwrap on or off. Global word wrapping of a current document is possible at the click of a button. Importable into any word processor. Reservations -- Actually contains 3 separate database for keeping track of all your Accomodation, Transportation and Dining places. For either your home town or for out of town. Specialties, type, phone numbers, addreses, and much more. To Dos -- Keeps track of Personal and Business To Do's. Interacts with the Calendar for setting the deadline date and adding the ToDo to daily events in the Calender. Wallet -- Keeps track of all Credit Cards, Licenses, etc. Config -- Configure for: type of phone line in place, which Serial device, datafiles, location, autosave choice, iconize on startup, data and time format. Preset your name and address for auto inclusion in the Notepad. All areas have: An online Alarm Clock function (with up to 10 alrms or reminders by date and time), online help window, extensive search and mark capabilities, palette control function (screen and text). Print to printer or file. Uniform display of date and time, and much more. Iconize from any module to the Workbench. Online Calculator available at the click of a button. All modules, except NotePad and Calender have five dialing fields useable if you have a modem, but also if you don't. Multiple selection of entries and/or fields from any database. All Notes areas in the modules can be expanded to work with the NotePad and it's many features. Information Manager Professional was developed by Itchycoo Productions. It is compatible with all existing Amigas. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes about this Demo. ---------------------- This Demo of Information Manager Professional is a limited version of the Registered Release. The following are functions that have been disabled and/or limited. Printouts contain the line "Information Manager Professional DEMO" All databases allow only 10 entries. Notepad's loading functions will only operate 10 times per session. Dialing functions operate only 10 times per session. Area Codes can be viewed but Add and Save feature are disabled. No documentation BUT extensive online HELP windows. Although the above functions are disabled, you can still get a very good idea of just how helpful Information Manager Professional can be. One hint for anyone who "Iconizes" the program to the Workbench.. Click on the icon with the left mouse button and then click your right mousse button to have the Menu appear on your Workbench. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Information Manager Professional is currently available for $30.00 (U.S.). To order Information Manager Professional send a Money Order (Only) in US funds to; Len Platt 1755 Rathburn Rd. E. Unit 4 Mississauga, Ontario Canada L4W 2M8 Make the money order out to Len Platt. PLEASE NOTE: All current owners of IMPro that were purchased from DevWare, Inc. can receive the latest update. To do so, send your original disk plus $15 to the above address. The author can be reached at the following addresses; Address: Len Platt 1755 Rathburn Rd. East Unit 4 Mississauga, Ontario Canada L4W 2M8 Phone: 905-624-4008 Internet: FIDO: 1:229/15 RELAYNET: CRS You can also get hold of me in the Amiga RT of GEnie and in the Amiga Conference (5) at Canada Remote Systems Online.
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