short : Quick-search util. for use with Sbase4 author : Nicolai Jensen uploader : jmurray inet uni-c dk (John Murray) type : biz/dbase architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 36.71K Date : 30-Jan-95 Download : 💾
About GetSDat v38.126 : GetSDat is a program, that uses exported ascii files from Sbase4 Professional, to make access to data faster. Often, when one uses Sbase4, it takes a while, to start the program, open a file, open an index, and search for a record. GetSDat, is a simple solution to this tedious affair. It starts with a default file opened. Thus making it a pretty fast way to find data. There are also options to switch databases when needed. Requirements : * AmigaDOS 3.x * reqtools.library 38.xx * Harddisk Some of the changes from the previous version are : * Bug Fix : Changed recognition pattern in filerequesters from '*' to '#?' the asterisk did not allways work. I wonder why I used it in the first place. * New Feature : Indexed fields will now be written in a different color than non-indexed fields. * New Feature : The program is now font sensitive. * New Feature : Icon start. I have made a tiny startup script and added an icon. Click the icon to start GetSDat. * Bug fix : National characters is now correctly supported as 'gadget hotkeys'. Thanks to the locale.library.
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