short : Cycle trip database inc. search function author : (Donald W Millican) uploader : DonaldWM stonelawdrive freeserve co uk (Donald W Millican) type : util/misc version : 2.0 architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 26.19K Date : 21-Oct-99 Download : 💾
CycleDBase - by DWM Productions Requirements - An Amiga and Gadtools library v37+ in rom Programmed with Golded 4.7.2 & StormC 3.0 Final (for now) version completed - 20/10/99 With grateful thanks to the members of the AmigaC mailing list at for all their assistance. This program is the sixth that I have written with a GUI. It is one of the programs I have set myself to write to gain practice in doing this. This program contains an Advanced Search program which will find all matches in a search and then allow the user to navigate through the results, rather than just the first. Instructions: *** NOTE - The save files from Version 1.4 are no longer compatible with this or future versions and will not load properly. *** Before using this program, the user has to understand how I got around the fact that as yet I cannot display decimal numbers in a GUI. The decimal numbers entered into this program are entered as whole numbers, NOT decimal. So, a mileage of 6.9 miles is entered as 6 then 9 in the two gadgets available. They have a decimal point displayed between them and the program will appear to treat them as decimal. Other than that, enter what data you require, and use the keys with ',' or '.' to move back and forth through the records. You can also use the '<' & '>' buttons on the screen. As for loading and saving, you don't actually need the file extension. The program should only load files previously saved by it which have not been altered in the meantime. As always, don't forget my trademark 'About' menu item. Legal: This program hardly requires it yet, but I should start as I mean to go on and so: This program is Freeware. CycleDBase is provided 'as is' and the author cannot be held responsible for any damage occurred as a result of running this program. (I would hope that none of my programs cause any damage). CycleDBase is (C) Copyright DWM Productions ie. Donald W Millican Feel free to use parts of the source code in your programs. NOTE:The author reserves the right to remove the source code from future versions of this program. *** Exception *** The Load, Save and Search routines are copyright and their code or design cannot be altered or used in full or in part. The whole program cannot be changed and redistributed without my consent. This document may be updated for any re-release but the legal section must remain unchanged. The program can be spread anywhere but I request that all the files be kept together including all of this document. Programmer: (ie. the person who came up with a good idea and turned it into a wonderful program.) Donald W Millican 83 Stonelaw Drive, Rutherglen, Glasgow, G73 3PA. Scotland. E-Mail: Websites(All created by me!): Millican home pages: DWM Productions: The Amiga Computer:
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