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What is Comixbase? ================== Comixbase is a custom database for small comic collections (max 65535). It requires Workbench V36 or greater (Thats WB 2.0 to you and me). (If you're still using WB 1.3 or lower ... GET A LIFE! :-) What are Cbase's features? ========================== * 65535 maximum comic collection size. * 3500 maximum number of text strings in each text category. (Based on an average of 20 characters per string). * Small data files due to non-redundant method of storing each comics data. * Sort by Title (prime key) and Issue (secondary key). * Generate compact report: eg Action: 10-24,45,48,111-113 * Reports the collection size and value. * Keep track of 9 artists in 3 fields: Writer, Penciller, Inker. * Two note strings for detailed information on a comic. * 6 line buffers to reduce entering repetitive data. * Fully Intuitionized interface.
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