short : A day to day database with lots more. author : Thomas F. Powell uploader : helmutr connexus apana org au type : biz/dbase replaces : Almanac_f1_2.lha requires : WorkBench 2.0+, 1 Meg. Ram. architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 367.82K Date : 18-Dec-97 Download : 💾
Written using AMOS1.36. This version is Giftware! For 'PAL' Systems (256 lines). *** Almanac_F1_2.lha -- NOW UPDATED -- to Almanac_F3.lha *** -- ------- The Almanac_F3 program is a Day Memo with Alarm Settings and Multi-Colour Day functions. It records Birthdays with a 'When' Viewer plus Biorhythm Graphics. It also has a Phone-Address Base with a good 'Find' system. Almanac_F3 has had more functions added to it and is NOW at Stage 3. You now have:- A World Time Map with Cities info. A 5 tune background Music drawer. A multi function Conversion Calculator A (1900 to 2113) EASTER finder. And A Day Count (days between two Dates). TO INSTALL:- Just MOVE or COPY The ALMANAC DRAWER (with ALL files) to ANYWERE.
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