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REQUIREMENTS: Any Amiga with KS/WB 2.04+. RELEASE NOTES: VideoMaxe 04.46 © Stephan Sürken, SHAREWARE. Bug fix update to 04.45. DESCRIPTION: Short summary of changes: ------------------------- **Release 04.46: Pure bug fix release. **Release 04.45: Many minor improvements, "link" and "more" mask entry types. **Release 04.44: Fixed one ugly bug messing up the title view strings on. **Release 04.43: Better layout, new priority flag for suggestion system. **Release 04.42: Same as (unpublished) release 04.41, but a bug fixed that would hinder VideoMaxe to start up when using the asl library 37- ("mem err") on (some;) machines, some minor changes. **Release 04.41: oo removed some other exotic suggestion bug oo New standard gadgets "#" (choose one entry out of a list) and "I" (adjust info text verbosity) oo Added new mask entry type "Set" **Release 04.40: oo Added ONLINE HELP. Simply press HELP in any window and the docs for that window will pop up. oo Added german documentation. oo Improved printing: o using less hazardous printer commands (!) o too long strings (texts, memos, view texts, etc.) will no longer be cut to fit into one line, but printed fully o printer preferences may hold two "Condensed" pitches now (15 or 17). o you can change the "Use abbr." flag now locally for printing o no longer initializing the printer before printing, adding a gadget to do that manually into the printer window. (***************************) (* EXCERPT FROM THE MANUAL *) (***************************) 1. Introduction **************** I now that many video organizers already exist. Among these, I did not find one that would satisfy all features I wanted nor have the environment I demanded. So here's VideoMaxe, the final solution: VideoMaxe is a video database that satisfies all needs of a private video user (when I say all I mean all, so if you think that's false please write me your suggestion(s)). It has nearly NO `RESTRICTIONS' whatsoever [all data strings are dynamic, size of projects, mask lists, etc. are limited by your memory only, etc], HANDLES all CLASSIC PROBLEMS of a video database [record suggestions, spool information, any title compression, etc.], adds COMFORT [database facility, statistics, search routines, customization, etc.] and it has a COMFORTABLE OS 2.1+ ENVIRONMENT [localized, appl. icon, online help, etc.]. See `Features' below for more. 1.0. Features ============== (only some features that just come to my mind...) Environment: ~~~~~~~~~~~~ o Full OS 2.0/2.1 support (Localization, Asl, fonts, app. icon, ...) o Localized into English, Deutsch, Francais up to now. o Comfortable screen/window layout saving o Font-sensitive runtime gadget calculation o Comfortable installer script for installing, updating, ... o (Guide-)Documentation in english and german. o Online help. o Customization o ... Concepts: ~~~~~~~~~ o NO limitations whatsoever concerning amount of titles, rubrics, tapes (or whatever:+) except for your memory. o All strings dynamic since 04.30. o 6 different filetypes to save configs/data: project, mask lists, video recorder, printer preferences, layout preferences, VideoMaxe preferences o Ultimate answer to the questions: o Where to record a new title? o How to spool to title x (counter, rest time, used time...)? o If I have a video recorder without rest or used time display, how can I get exact counter position? o How to express different compression modes (i.e. long play)? o Data base facility: A freely editable mask entry list for each tape and title; that means that you can carry as much additionally information as you wish per tape or title. Provides a mask concept to handle that (save, load masks etc.). o Title length are given in hours:minutes:seconds to be able to cover rather short titles (e.g. music). o Comfortable statistics o Comfortable search routines (several modes, match lists, etc.) o Printing o ... (*****************************************) (* ENDING of the EXCERPT FROM THE MANUAL *) (*****************************************) You did it up to this line through all that text? Then note this: THE AUTHOR: Stephan Suerken Alzeyer Str. 65a, App.140 D-67549 Worms E-Mail: WWW:[/videomaxe.html] Enjoy! -Stephan.
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