short : VideoArchiv v3.0 !BETA-TESTERS WANTED! author : The Mavericks - David Rado & Felix Eichenberger uploader : drado datacomm ch type : biz/dbase architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 101.30K Date : 7-Sep-97 Download : 馃捑
BETA Testers Wanted! TRANSLATORS Wanted! BETA-TESTERS wanted: -------------------- VideoArchiv v3.0BETA There it is: the first preview of VideoArchiv v3.0. A lot of new func- tions, enhanced graphical interface, and, and, and... Now we need some really hardcore-Beta-Testers who like to test every function of the program. Try everything: Try to load a corrupt file, del- ete a required data and look how the program does react, ... In short: try to do every (ugly) thing and tell us about your results. What's missing in this BETA-Release (ToDo): - no printings - some preference settings will not take effect - locale - catalogs won't be supported now - no documentation included - certain -Requesters - GUI is going to be changed again slightly - ... Everything else should (SHOULD) work fine. Now it's your turn to find the bugs that are still existing (if there are any :-)) or to make some propo- sals what could be done better or just to write me any comment about the program (even if you only want to tell me that you dislike the default colors..). Just write! You can use an included form for your bug-reports (). TRANSLATORS wanted: ------------------- If you are interested to translate the program into your language that is not German or English (into these two languages i can translate the pro- gram myself boahhh) then write to me and i will give you all the infor- mation you need. ADDRESS: ------- David Rado H枚hlebachweg 32 CH-4132 Muttenz Switzerland I WILL REPLY TO EVERY SERIOUS REPORT! That's a promise! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- About VideoArchiv ----------------- The idea which made us programming VideoArchiv was to eventually create a simple, but altough powerful video-database. It never was our goal to develop a program that 芦can do everything禄. VideoArchiv wants to be the clearest,the most comprehensible and the easiest to use video-database for the Amiga, which with everyone can work at once and for ever. Programs that strikes you dead with masks and setups and that must be arduous edited by the User himself are already available. Somebody who simply wants to manage his collection of videos needs a program which is specia- lized on videos - like VideoArchiv :-) That we have reached this goal we can read out of the numerous positives answers we received on our first releases of VideoArchiv. Altough we won't be lazy. We want VideoArchiv to get still more powerful in future, without ever breaking 芦the rules of easyness and clarity禄. And that's what we need your help for: Tell us about the program the things you like, the things you dislike, the elements you miss, the elements you think are unnecessary or whatever you want to tell us. - Thank you very much! Features of the VideoArchiv v3.0 - Every film can be defined by the following criterions: 路 Title 路 Original Title 路 Year 路 Number (any code) 路 Lenght 路 SP/LP 路 Genre 路 Regie 路 Actors 路 Description (or whatever you want to write here.. much plain space.) 路 Technical Info: PAL/PAL+/NTSC... Stereo/DSP/THX... VHS/Hi8/DVD... - Search: you can search in every criterion (for example the program can list up every film which is directed by Steven Spielberg) - Filmlist can be sorted by every criterion in both directions - Supports user-defined names- and genre-lists, so you don't have to type them in again and again (once defined - always available!) - Possibility to lend a film (program saves the name and the date) - Different print modes (also in combination with the search-function) - Own, beautiful and easy to use GUI (Graphical User Interface). Have a look at it and enjoy! - Locale-Support: German and French catalog included - German documentation - Easy to install (Installer, no assigns required) - Requires OS 2.01 (better if higher) and 1MB (or more) of memory ... and much more.
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