short : Star Trek Database, V2.19final Data V2.21final author : (Stefan Osterburg) uploader : osti startrekmail com (Stefan Osterburg) type : biz/dbase replaces : biz/dbase/Trekkie.* architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 925.32K Date : 30-Aug-00 Download : šŸ’¾
To download this archive LZX packed inside and therefore considerably smaller and for more frequent updates go to my homepage: Trekkie is a database, that offers the possibility to manage all the Star Trek episodes. Apart from collecting the usual data such as Episodetitle, -number, Stardate and so on, it facilitates to build a kind of "Who is Who" by managing the "Maker"-information. Moreover there is a - admittedly simple - video database included. The program requires Kickstart/Workbench 3.0. For reasonable speed you should at the very least have a 68020 CPU. With the provided datafile the program needs about 4MB RAM at runtime. Trekkie has been tested to work fine under WinUAE 0.8.8 Release 5. The datafile is included in this archive. Trekkie is Ā© 1996-2000 by Stefan Osterburg. For more information please refer to the AmigaGuideĀ® Documentation. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in this version -------------------- Trekkie: -part numbers can be two digits now -email address and some copyright issues changed in the docs -the selected language wasn't displayed correctly in listmode TrekkieData: -6th/7th season Voyager episodeds added/updated. -German titles 7th season DS9
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