short : Database for Amiga OS 3.x by author : Quedex uploader : plexa plexa pl (Plexa / Flying cows Inc.) type : biz/dbase architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 509.31K Date : 13-Dec-05 Download : 💾
TelExpress new version of briliant database for Amiga. This Version is Compiled for WinUAE emulator. Its completelly free and legal copy, it may be distributed for free. Dear Amiga Users, After many years, I decided to release our commercial software as Freeware gift for many Amiga WinUAE users. TelExpress - perfectly designed commercial database written in machine code (version 1.0 - 2.0) and both C and assembler (version 2.04s). By many years noone was able to crack our software so it may be something new for you and something really amazing. Please take in mind that TelExpress 1.x and 2.x are completelly independent and different programs. TelExpress 1.x is "hard coded" assembler database with its own operating system independent from Amiga OS (it does not use kickstart) version 1.x is an masterpiece of assembler power (any kickstart - runs with full speed 4800 sorted records by second on Amiga 1000), TelExpres 2.x fully uses multitasking environment of any Amiga (kickstart 2.xx +). This version require kickstart 2.x + (3.1 recommended) This disk in ADF format (WinUAE floppy disk format), latest image (of both programs 1.x and 2.x can be downloaded from Please understand that this software was released 10 (ten years ago!) and we will not support it anymore. However we believe that you will use it with pleasure and it may be really usefull for every Amiga user. License - Freeware (even software notify that its copyrighted), you may use it, spread etc. But. .... Its not allowed to modify, use the name "TelExpress", recompile and use that software outside of WinUAE emulation environment (It may not work). If you need Amiga protected copy - please email us. We will be pleased to help you and send you Amiga commercial copy of TelExpress 2.04s. Quedex company has full ownership of the rights to this software, Quedex licence this software for free, but its not responsible for ANYTHING related to this software. If you want to email designer of software, Amiga demos and exclusive founder of Quedex and Flying Cows Incorporated please email at: Official website of Flying Cows Inc.: 12.12.2005 Signed - Plexa of FCI
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