short : Star Trek Style Database (5.2) author : Steven Bryant uploader : Steven Bryant type : biz/dbase replaces : biz/dbase/StarBase_SCR.lha requires : ReqTools.Library architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 117.55K Date : 2-Apr-07 Download : 💾
StarBase_SCR (for 640x256/480/512 and 800x600 screen modes) Brief About ----------- This program was designed to display my Star Trek Episode Guide, but it can be used for a wide range of other uses, magazines, encyclopedia, etc. Some of the Features -------------------- 8 - 256 colours. Picture, Animation, Sample and whatever for each entry. Entry linking buttons. Normal and Deep search. Previous Versions ----------------- New Option - Button Sounds can be turned off/on. Up/Down/Left/Right arrow key support on lists and entries. StarBase_SCR can now be run on 640x256 screen modes. Version number bumped up to v4.0 to replace StarBase_CLI (v3.8). Users of StarBase_CLI, delete all of your _CLI settings files as these files are no longer used (StarBase_CLI has been deleted). Different on-screen picture sizes for different screen modes. New Option - Begin At Menu Or List. If only one entry is found in a search, it will display it automatically. 3 new options - text formatting (on/off), entry linking buttons (on/off), on-screen pictures (on/off). Improved text formatting to keep entry links on the same line. Different background samples for each text file (max length 128k). Different pictures (800x600 modes only) for each text file (140x55x3). Full text wrapping around pictures and 800x600 screen modes. You can use all buttons (ie PICT/ANIM etc.) for any purpose (see guide). Click (LMB/RMB) on any word in the entry for a normal or global search.
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