short : A user configurable, flat file database author : Jody Tierney uploader : 102673 1743 compuserve com (Gregory Donner) type : biz/dbase version : 1.0 requires : WB 2.04 or higher architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 42.65K Date : 17-May-96 Download : 💾
ShimmerDB is a flat file database, and a Gilligan's Island kind of project. It began as a simple three hour cruise when a friend, Greg Donner, asked for a program that would open a window with a few string gadgets in it and load and save the gadget's contents. The result was a program that resembled the left half of ShimmerDB's interface and behaved a lot like a line editor (when it behaved at all :-) ). A suggestion of improvements by Greg resulted in an initial reaction of, "Eek! That's a database!", and eventually this program, ShimmerDB. Although still a work in progress, version 1.0 of ShimmerDB is stable and fully functional, with more than a few nifty features. Features: - Store multiple lines of text (up to 65,500) in any field. - A font sensitive, resizable, and (mostly) style guide compliant interface. - 65,500 records per database, and each record may contain up to 65,500 fields. - Clipboard support: cut, copy, and paste to and from units 0 - 9. - Fields may be set to execute AmigaDOS commands or applications, and the data from the current or other fields may be passed as parameters to the command. - Databases may easily be combined wth other databases. - Fields, records, and multi-line text each have a 100 item undelete buffer. - Runs on any public screen. - Tested with Enforcer and MungWall.
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